Sustainable Smart Home Dream in Bucheggberg

Find out how a young family realised their dream of owning a ‘smart’ home and benefits from more living comfort, sustainability and security.

When building their own home, it was clear to the Klossner family from the very beginning that they wanted a ‘smart’ living experience. Topics such as control and automation of lighting, shading, ventilation and the integration of audio and entertainment were therefore already an integral part of the planning phase.

Sustainability, living comfort and safety as important requirements

The ‘smart’ home should be sustainable, increase living comfort and security, and be self-configurable. Although it is a new building, the family with two children wanted to do without a smart home system with additional bus wiring due to the lack of flexibility for extensions. A wireless solution was also out of the question, as Mr Klossner, an IT and security expert, knows only too well about the vulnerability of such solutions. As is often the case when a young family builds a house, the question of cost was of course also central. Therefore, starting small and expanding step by step should be possible.

“We have been living in a digitalSTROM Smart Home for 6 years, are super satisfied and would buy it again in a heartbeat. Digitisation can make everyday life easier, more efficient and more pleasant”

digitalSTROM best meets requirements 

After evaluating various Smart Home and home automation providers and studying various offers, the choice fell on the All-in-One Smart Home System of digitalSTROM. It best met the requirements, also because the system communicates via the existing power line and can therefore be easily installed, without additional wiring and without radio technology. In addition, the system can also be operated offline. Another contributor to the choice was digitalSTROM Gold Partner Michael Egger of AEK Build Tec AG, (formerly Elektro Zimmermann AG) in Brügglen, who can look back on numerous successful digitalSTROM installations and satisfied customers. He was perceived as an authority and has always convinced with his knowledge. He has accompanied the family for six years now.

Central lighting control in the house, garden and swimming pool  

Particularly popular is the central lighting control via push-buttons, with which any lighting scenes can be easily selected. Motion detectors are also integrated, which create an additional feeling of convenience and security. The automatic switching on of the lighting is very practical when you come up from the cellar with a full laundry basket and would otherwise have to put it down to switch on the lights. A highlight is also the control of the garden and pergola lighting as well as the swimming pool with fish, which serves both for swimming and as a beautiful, natural element in the garden. The integration of indoor and outdoor lighting as well as motion detectors into digitalSTROM also serves as a kind of alarm system, increases security and makes additional security systems unnecessary.

Shading control at the touch of a button 

All blinds and shading elements can be centrally controlled. Here, too, the central control via push-button is particularly popular with the family. All blinds are moved to the desired position at the touch of a button. This saves a lot of manual work and significantly increases living comfort.

Feel-good factor thanks to entertainment  

Entertainment is not to be missed. Sonos speakers were installed in the ceiling in almost all rooms, including the bathroom. This means each family member can select the music in the bathroom or in the rooms at the touch of a button. Playing individual playlists is particularly popular with the children.

Furthermore, the living room can be transformed into a home cinema at the touch of a button. The screen moves out of the ceiling, the lighting mood adjusts and the shades move into the desired position.

Easily realisable expansion plans thanks to modularity and flexibility 

In the course of time, expansion requests often arise, as they did for the Klossner family. Thanks to the modularity and flexibility of digitalSTROM, these are easy to realise. For example, a weather station and smoke detectors were subsequently installed, and in addition to the existing ventilation control in the basement and other closed rooms, the conservatory is also to be automatically heated from 8 degrees outside temperature in the future. A CO2 monitor will also ensure a good working climate in the office. As soon as the CO2 level becomes critical, i.e. the air quality is insufficient, the ‘Ventilate’ signal will sound from the Sonos loudspeaker.

The Klossner family likes living in a house that makes their lives more exciting, safer and more sustainable.    

Would you also like to live in a sustainable Smart Home that can be installed quickly, without additional wiring and without wireless and can be expanded at any time? Contact us today. We will be happy to advise you.