A pleasant energy-efficient indoor climate
with just one tap

Number ONE
for retrofits and
new constructions
Since 2004

A pleasant energy-efficient indoor climate
with just one tap

Number ONE
for retrofits and
new constructions
Since 2004

Experience the smart Heating and Ventilation Control of digitalSTROM

Experience a new level of comfort and energy saving. Benefit from complete control over temperature and ventilation settings, from home or remotely via Smartphone App.

digitalSTROM’s smart heating and ventilation control will genuinely make your life easier by automatically regulating temperature and climate in your home. Control the temperature and keep a steady airflow inside from virtually anywhere, anytime. The result is an independently adjusted, pleasant climate in every room at any time of the day and a fresh atmosphere in the interior spaces while minimizing energy consumption.

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Your Advantages at a Glance

Central Control

Automate, customise and monitor your heating and ventilation systems via pushbuttons, touchscreen, voice control or smartphone app.

Remote Control

Remotely control and adjust the temperature in your home or holiday residence via smartphone app.

Pleasant Indoor Climate

Maintain a pleasant indoor climate and better air quality for living and working spaces, significantly improving your quality of life.


Preserve the environment and cut your utility bills by reducing the highest source of energy consumption, the heating.

Flexible Platform

Connect and co-activate commonly used third-party sensors and products, including their complete switch-off.

Optimized Indoor Airflow

In combination with real-time data from the Weather Station, set up the air ventilation to times with appropriate indoor-outdoor temperatures for ventilative cooling.

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All-in-One Smart Home Lösung von digitalSTROM

Innovative Technology for Amazing Results

digitalSTROM solutions digitalize and interconnect components such as heating and ventilation, household appliances as well as home electronics.
The digitalSTROM clamps (see picture) are at the heart of our Smart Home technology, allowing the digitalization and the interconnection of analogue devices such as lights, shades, thermostats and pushbuttons via the existing power line. No new wiring or structural changes are required, making the installation quick, easy and clean. Find more information about our technology.
Our installation partners will gladly advise and support you through each step of your Smart Home project.

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Should no power line be available for integration into the digitalSTROM system, EnOcean wireless Technology is a very convenient alternative to interconnect and intelligently operate your radiators.

Our customers and partners speak fondly about digitalSTROM and its solutions

All over the world, countless delighted users are already living in a digitalSTROM equipped Smart Home

Klossner Family

Bucheggberg, Schweiz

„We have been living in a digitalSTROM Smart Home for 6 years, are super satisfied and would buy it again in a heartbeat. Digitisation can make everyday life easier, more efficient and more pleasant"

Jonas Hiller Testimonial

Jonas Hiller

Swiss Ice Hockey Goalkeeper

“I haven’t found any other system that offers such good value for money.”

Robin Ruegg Testimonial

Robin Rüegg

Felder & Jetzer AG, Binningen, Switzerland

"We recommend and install digitalSTROM because it allows us to fulfil all our customers' requirements and wishes. The customer can make adjustments himself and has his smart home under control at all times."

Thomas Roesberg Testimonial

Thomas Roesberg

Managing Director Albersten-Elektro, Hamburg, Germany

"We were impressed by digitalSTROM's performance and easy installation."

Christoph Tix Testimonial

Christoph Tix

Engineer and owner, media@home, Lohmar, Germany

"digitalSTROM is unbeatable for retrofitting in existing objects, since it does not need to install additional cables and it does not have radio waves. The invisible, clean installation is also interesting for new projects. After more than 10 years of experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend this innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly Smart Home solution."

Daniel Hodel Testimonial

Daniel Hodel

Entrepreneur, D.Hodel Elektro AG, Landquart, Switzerland

"We install digitalSTROM because it is flexible and open, both in old and new buildings. Ideal for lighting, shades, heating, audio, etc. Moreover, the contractor can also take over later adjustments and complete any retrofit in stages."

Pascal Buri Testimonial

Pascal Buri

Partner, Lüscher + Partner AG, Oftringen, Switzerland

"digitalSTROM is so flexible that it can be used almost anywhere. With a short training and some interest, getting started with the system is no problem. In addition, the needs of our customers can be optimally covered and the system is easily extendable. This allows us to have a long customer relationship, which can continue to grow."

Volker Kaiser Testimonial

Volker Keiser

Electrician, Halle, Westfalen, Germany

"I am fascinated by the simple operation and programming, despite the complex possibilities. digitalSTROM is suitable for all age groups, because you can set it up like a standard installation, but at the same time use the smart added value."

Angelika Zimmer Testimonial

Angelika Zimmer

Managing Director AHZ Engineering GmbH, Heusenstamm, Germany

“digitalSTROM can be installed in new and existing constructions without major efforts and can be expanded at any time. Since the current electrical distribution grid serves as transmission path for the signal, functions that save energy, provide comfort, and ensure safety are reliably and quickly implemented.”

Jochen Strucksberg Testimonial

Jochen Strucksberg

Managing Director House Intelligence GmbH, Erkrath, Germany

“We have been successfully working with digitalSTROM for many years in new as well as existing buildings. Whether lighting, shutters, heating, security, access, multimedia, or video intercom- you can integrate and connect everything via the power line, and/or via remote control and/or via IP interface.”

Sven Oswald Testimonial

Sven Oswald

German TV and Radio Host

"The modular structure of digitalSTROM allows a step-by-step extension - depending on your needs and financial situation."

Nina Stählin Testimonial

Nina Stählin

Member of Management, Elektro-Stählin AG, Zurich, Switzerland

"We work with digitalSTROM because the cost-performance ratio is unbeatable. Once installed, the customer can customise the installation with very little effort and easily adjust her smart home to new needs."

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Operate your Heating and Ventilation System in the most convenient Way




Smartphone App

Voice control

Voice Control



Smart routines to make your life easier

We have brought the development of our smart heating and ventilation systems a notch further
You can set up and schedule different routines with determined interior temperature values well in advance. Your system will work out when it needs to turn the heating back on, for example, just in time to get your house up to the required temperature for when you come home.

from only1,589 €
excl. VAT andinstallation costs

A warm and pleasant indoor climate for a small price!

From only 1,589 € | CHF 1,680 without VAT and installation costs. *

  • Central and individual control of three heating circuits (three rooms) and four ventilation devices.
  • Individually control each heating circuit to achieve an ideal temperature and reduce energy consumption in every respective room.
  • Remote access via a smartphone app.
  • Free Cooling Feature by natural ambient cold air.
  • Operation via pushbutton, smartphone app, touch screen, or voice control.
  • Automatic scheduling and timer functions.
  • Connection to the Weather Station.
* The price consists of one dS server, one dS meter, one dS filter, one universal module for ventilation with four output channels, three heating clamps, and three thermostats. The related investment will be sensibly lower if you already have a dS installation and possess some components.

digitalSTROM Smart Home Solution: Your First Choice

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Unbeatable for Retrofits and new Constructions

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Quick & easy installation without additional wiring

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No Radio Waves

Modular All-in-One Solution Icon

Extendable at any time - Modular All-in-One solution

Heating and Shading Automation: A powerful Interaction

The interaction of automated shading devices and heating control increases comfort while helping cut energy consumption.

When cold outside, you will have an extra free source of warmth by allowing the sun rays to penetrate the room, thereby reducing the heating costs. In the evening, the shutters help keep the temperature in the room, providing additional insulation for the house. In summer, the shutters help keep the temperature inside fresh and pleasant by providing extra protection from direct sunlight.

Weather Automation: A powerful Interaction

Heating/climate systems and digitalSTROM Weather Station: Attune your home climate to the outside weather

digitalSTROM smart heating and ventilation system coordinates with digitalSTROM Weather Station and uses real-time weather data to regulate the indoor climate. With additional data-feeds from other internal sensors, the system provides more energy-efficient comfort by detecting heat gains from solar sources, fireplace, cooking or by detecting any extreme temperature loss. Conversely, it allows to set up the air ventilation to periods when indoor-outdoor temperatures are appropriate for ventilative cooling, especially in summer.

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