Optimized energy balance,
with just one click.

Number ONE
for retrofits and
new constructions
Since 2004

Optimized energy balance,
with just one click.

Number ONE
for retrofits and
new constructions
Since 2004

Optimize your Energy Balance thanks to automated Consumption and Storage of self-generated Energy

Have you got a photovoltaic installation and consider the sustainability of energy production to be of highest importance?

With digitalSTROM you can significantly improve your energy balance by automatically and intelligently consuming or storing your self-generated energy.

Anytime your photovoltaic power installation or other sustainable power sources generate a surplus of energy, the dS Energy feature of the digitalSTROM Smart Home system will automatically steer the energy into energy-hungry devices like charging your electric car, heating your hot water tank or switching on your other VDC-compatible household appliances such as washing machine, dryer or dishwasher, without any manual intervention from your side. And if you have no use for the extra energy at the moment, no problem! The system will automatically connect to your storage battery and fully store the generated energy, significantly reducing your dependence on the power company and the energy grid.

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All your Advantages at a Glance

Energy Management Icon

Energy Management

In the case of energy surpluss, the system allows you to automatically consume or store the self-generated energy, instead of feeding it back into the energy grid.

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Efficient and smart use of self-generated energy, resulting in less dependence on the utility company.

All-In-One Komfort Icon


Effortless operation via touchscreen interface or smartphone app and automated energy management without manual intervention.

Control & Overview Icon

Constant Control

Measurement and real-time visualization of energy production by photovoltaic system or other sustainable power source, as well as your energy consumption.

Compatibility icon


Connection and central operation of common VDC compatible devices like Bosch, Siemens and V-Zug as well as EV charging stations, wallboxes including garage doors.

Operate your energy sources in the most convenient way


Smartphone App



Directly from the roof into your Tesla

From the roof directly into your electric car

Fully automatically charge your electric car with your self-produced energy, without any manual intervention.

Enjoy a straightforward connection and operation of your charging station and wallbox including the garage doors.

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All-in-one Smart Home solution from digitalSTROM

Innovative Technology for Amazing Results

Effortlessly connect the digitalSTROM Smart Home system to your photovoltaic system or other alternative power sources.

You only need one additional component for this purpose, namely a digitalSTROM Meter.
If you do not have a digitalSTROM Smart Home System yet, there is absolutely no problem. Here, you will find all the important information about the functionalities and advantages of our system as well as about our innovative technology.

Our installation partners will gladly inform and support you through each step of your Smart Home project.


The digitalSTROM Smart Home Solution: Your First Choice

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Number ONE for retrofits and new constructions

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Effortless & quick installation without additional wiring

No radio waves icon

No radio waves

Modular All-in-One Solution Icon

Possible extension at any time - Modular All-in-One solution

from207 €
excl. VAT andinstallation costs

The most convenient way to have the sunlight at your fingertips

From only 207 € | CHF 228 without VAT and installation costs.*

  • Automated consumption and storage of self-generated energy.
  • Optimized energy balance for more sustainability.
  • Less dependence on the utility company.
  • Real-time measurement and visualization of self-generated energy by means of photovoltaic system or other alternative power sources as well as your energy consumption.
  • Easy operation via smartphone app or touschscren interface, anytime and from anywhere.
  • Connection and operation of common VDC compatible devices such as Bosch, Siemens and V-Zug as well as EV charging stations and wallboxes including garage doors.
  • Easy installation, consisting of a simple software update and the availability of an additional component, namely the digitalSTROM Meter (dSM).
*Depending on the project type, you may need up to three dSMs. If you do not yet possess a digitalSTROM system, the final installation price will be higher as additional components might be needed.

Our customers and partners speak fondly about digitalSTROM and its solutions

All over the world, countless delighted users are already living in a digitalSTROM equipped Smart Home.
Jonas Hiller Testimonial

Jonas Hiller

Swiss Ice Hockey Goalkeeper

“I haven’t found any other system that offers such good value for money.”

Robin Ruegg Testimonial

Robin Rüegg

Felder & Jetzer AG, Binningen, Switzerland

"We recommend digitalSTROM because it allows us to fulfil all our customers' requirements. It is fun to install the system and then introduce the customers to their Smart Home. The customer is amazed at how easy it is to make adjustments and having his Smart Home under control at all times.”

Thomas Roesberg Testimonial

Thomas Roesberg

Managing Director Albersten-Elektro, Hamburg, Germany

"We were impressed by digitalSTROM's performance and easy installation."

Christoph Tix Testimonial

Christoph Tix

Engineer and owner, media@home, Lohmar, Germany

"digitalSTROM is unbeatable for retrofitting in existing objects, since it does not need to install additional cables and it does not have radio waves. The invisible, clean installation is also interesting for new projects. After more than 10 years of experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend this innovative, cost-effective and user-friendly Smart Home solution."

Nina Stählin Testimonial

Daniel Hodel

Electrical contractor, D.Hodel Elektro AG, Landquart, Switzerland

"We install digitalSTROM because it is flexible and open, both in old and new buildings. Ideal for lighting, shades, heating, audio, etc. Moreover, the contractor can also take over later adjustments and complete any retrofit in stages."

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