It’s time for energy-saving building automation

The All-in-One building automation solution of digitalSTROM helps you save energy costs while increasing living comfort and safety

Thanks to the our powerline technology with real-time energy monitoring, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 25%. Operate your home conveniently via push button, smartphone app, touch screen or voice control.
digitalSTROM uses the existing powerline for signal transmission, which ensures increased stability and easy installation without additional wiring. Thanks to its modularity, the system can be expanded at any time – unbeatable for retrofitting, modernisation and new builds.

What makes us unique


No additional wiring and yet very reliable
  • Reliable system thanks to the use of the existing powerline (powerline technology).
  • Quick and easy installation without additional wiring and wall chasing.
  • User-friendly operation via push-button, smartphone app, touch screen or voice control.


Save up to 25 % of your energy bill
  • Integrated monitoring of your consumption in real time as standard, even remotely.
  • Up to 60% increased auto-consumption of self-generated energy through PV-system.
  • Intelligent temperature regulation everywhere in your home.


Modular All-in-One building automation solution
  • Saves energy and increases living comfort and security.
  • Future-proof
  • Expandable at any time thanks to its modular design.

Save energy and money thanks to increased auto-consumption

Today, owners of solar panels lose up to 70% of their return on investment!

digitalSTROM increases auto-consumption of solar panels by up to 60%.

Verbrauchen Sie gezielt und automatisiert selbst erzeugte Energie aus Ihrer PV-Anlage.

Sobald diese überschüssige Energie erzeugt, können Ladestationen für Elektroautos, Warmwasserspeicher,
Waschmaschine sowie andere Verbraucher Ihrer Wahl automatisch versorgt werden, ganz ohne manuellen Eingriff.

Quick installation without additional wiring and wall chasing.
Takes only half a day

State subsidies for your digitalSTROM installation
In Germany, you can have your digitalSTROM installation subsidised by the state. Benefit from favourable loans and subsidies for your installation.

Who we are

digitalSTROM is a Swiss building automation company with 17 years of experience. For us, quality and customer service come first. All our products are manufactured in Europe.


Years of Experience


Realised Projects


Energy Saving

Unique powerline technology

As reliable as a wired system and yet as flexible as a wireless system, with no extra wiring, no wall chasing and no radio.

Our unique powerline technology communicates via your home’s existing 230V wiring, making it unbeatable for retrofitting existing homes and new builds. What’s more, the system emits no radio waves and is easy to expand and adapt.

Avoid the costs of expensive additional wiring and use the energy measurement and visualisation integrated as standard.

Thanks to its powerline technology, digitalSTROM stands out from the many wireless systems, which are often unreliable and emit radio waves.

Building technology for energy saving,
increased living comfort
and security

Increase auto-consumption of your solar panels by up to 60%.

  • Take control of your own green energy production.
  • Run your heat pump, boiler, electric car, washing machine, etc. with self-generated green energy.
  • Visualisation of consumption and production via our app or on the touchscreen, even remotely.

Intelligent temperature control saves up to 25% of your heating costs.

  • Intelligent thermostat function and automatic eco-scenarios, per room or for the whole house.
  • Intelligent control of your blinds to keep the heat out in summer and use the sun as free heating in winter, saving you money from day 1.
  • Activate your energy-saving scenario when you leave the house – with a classic push button or via our practical app or touchscreen.

The All-in-One building automation solution expandable at all times.

  • Control, automate and customise building technology such as lighting, shading, heating, security functions or energy production.
  • Save energy costs while increasing living comfort and security.
  • Simple retrofitting without additional wiring: Our modules can be easily installed per room or per function (not possible with bus systems).
  • Simple operation via push-button, smartphone app, touchscreen or voice control.
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
  • Integration with Bosch and Siemens home appliances.

Simple installation without additional wiring and wall chasing walls, yet as reliable as a wired building automation system.

  • Unique and patented powerline technology that communicates via your home’s existing 230V wiring.
  • As reliable as a wired system, yet as flexible as a wireless system. No additional wiring, no wall chasing.
  • Unbeatable for retrofitting existing buildings and new builds.
  • Avoid the cost of expensive additional wiring.
  • No radio, no batteries.
  • Free choice of switch design, compatible with almost all switchgear brands.

Optimum comfort and time saving for your family

  • Experience the daily convenience of building automation.
  • Transform your classic push buttons into intelligent push buttons and be on top of your smart home.
  • Connect to motion sensors / door sensors / weather stations etc. to automate routines for more comfort and security.
  • Create scenarios to control your lighting, blinds and heating.
  • Activate optimal energy savings and security at the touch of a button when leaving your home.
  • No more stress when leaving your home!

Access Control and increased Security

  • Smart protection and risk prevention for your home and family.
  • Integrate the intelligent video doorchime ‘dS Eagle’ and greet your visitors with a smile, via the touch screen ‘dS-Touch’ or the Mobile App, no matter where you are.
  • Are you leaving your home? Switch on the presence simulation! Lights, shutters, appliances etc. are switched on and off at random. This makes your home look occupied around the clock, which significantly reduces the risk of burglary.
  • Integrate smoke detectors into the digitalSTROM system and be alerted automatically in case of fire. The same applies to CO, air quality, humidity, or leakage sensors.
  • The dS Smart Home APP gives you a real-time overview of the status of your home, on site and remotely.
  • Integration of third-party systems: Alarm system, Sonos Audio, smart doorchime, etc.

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