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Flexible, simple, comfortable and safe:
the outstanding Smart Home by digitalSTROM

digitalSTROM offers the perfect Smart Home experience for every need, age, property and budget – with technology that is reliable and future-proof.

Whether you live in a small flat or a large home. Whether it’s a new build or an existing building. Whether you want to start ‘small’ or fit out your whole house. Whether you’re single, have a family or are older: digitalSTROM offers the flexibility you want.

That's why digitalSTROM is the ‘made-just-for-you’ Smart Home.

digitalSTROM recognised as a fast-growing company by Financial Times

We are delighted that digitalSTROM has been recognised for the first time in the FT-1000 Report, a ranking of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe.

Succesfully continuing the growth course

The Aizo Group AG has achieved significant growth over the past years, organically as well as through merger and acquisitions. On top of this Aizo Group chooses to shift up a gear by currently raising 20 to 30 million euros to fuel its expansion in Asia. 

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dS Smart Home App: The perfect App for the perfect Smart Home

The waiting has finally come to an end: The new digitalSTROM App is ready for download. With many new features and functions. With more options and more clearly than ever before.

The dS Smart Home app allows you to operate, control and automate devices from different manufacturers more conveniently and easily. At the same time, you can always stay connected and control your perfect smart home – at any time and from anywhere.

Let there be light: various operation options for intelligent home control

A digitalSTROM Smart Home is synonymous with convenience and comfort, as well as simplicity and practicality. In other words, you can also switch on and dim the lamps in your home in a flexible manner, and in the way you prefer: via light switch, voice or smartphone app – whatever’s easiest and most practical for you.

Adapts to all weathers

Does the sunshine make your home uncomfortably hot in the summer? Do storms damage your blinds while you’re away in the autumn? That’s all ancient history now. In a digitalSTROM Smart Home, your blinds and shutters go up or down automatically – depending on the temperature, time of day or weather. The automatic blind control system always provides the most comfortable indoor climate and protects from expensive damage.

Modular design. Can be upgraded at any time.

Not everyone wants to or can convert their entire home to a Smart Home right away. It’s not a problem with digitalSTROM. For many customers, the modular design of the system is a strong argument in favour of digitalSTROM.

Inspiring digitalSTROM projects: Numerous possibilities and applications

For nearly 10 years, we have been equipping not only houses and flats, but also offices, hotels, churches and large building complexes all over the world with our Smart Home Technology. Discover the fascinating possibilities and unlimited applications for yourself.

Largest retrofit in Hamburg

Equipped with almost 300 digitalSTROM terminals, a listed villa in Hamburg has been converted into a true smart home.

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Jonas Hiller’s home life is smart and connected

One of the most successful Swiss ice-hockey goalies of all time lives in an intelligent dream home with digitalSTROM and hubware.

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Smarter Southern Dream in Berlin

Prominent Berlin TV and radio journalist and multimedia expert Sven Oswald has realised his dream of a smart home with digitalSTROM.

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Smart Home experience for hotel guests

Guests of the Hotel Opera in Zurich can now easily customise the light and music in their room to suit their own personal tastes.

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Smart Home in the Hard Turm Park in Zurich

Above the rooftops of Zurich, the digitalSTROM system in the Hard Turm Park marries architectural elegance with a modern digital lifestyle.

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State-of-the-art lighting technology for 300-year-old treasures 

An impressive church gains a sensational addition: a state-of-the-art lighting control system from digitalSTROM, seen for the very first time in such a location.

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The benefits of digitalSTROM

With digitalSTROM, all devices in the house are digitised and networked. This provides numerous benefits to residents:

A new lifestyle

When you have comfort and convenience to the highest degree, a whole new way of life emerges.

Easy operation

The home can be easily and conveniently controlled via voice, smartphone or a standard light sensor.

Simple installation

Installation can be easily carried out at any time; once installed, the system is virtually invisible in both new and existing buildings alike.

Always up to date

You’ll be able to upgrade your home, which automatically improves it year on year and keeps your abode viable for the future in the long term.

Increased security

A networked home is safer than a non-connected home because special applications and security technology protect the residents and the entire household.

Better energy efficiency

Each individual device’s energy consumption becomes transparent; smart automatic features ensure perfect consumption optimisation.

Satisfied customers and partners of digitalSTROM

Around the globe, countless impressed customers are already living in digitalSTROM Smart Homes.

Jonas Hiller
Jonas Hiller

Swiss ice-hockey goalkeeper

‘I haven’t found any other system that offers such good value for money.’

Sven Oswald
Sven Oswald

TV and radio host

‘The modular structure of digitalSTROM allows for gradual expansion – depending on your wants and your budget.’

Thomas Roesberg
Thomas Roesberg

Managing Director, Albertsen-Elektro

‘digitalSTROM’s performance and ease of installation impressed us.’

Angelika Heier-Zimmer
Angelika Heier-Zimmer


‘I wanted an easy-to-use Smart Home system that could be installed without any structural changes to the building.’

Excellent Smart Home platform

Numerous awards underscore the innovative nature of our system and
our products and attest to digitalSTROM’s popularity.

Once again the most popular app in the Smart Home category of the Focus Money practical test

2017 & 2018

Readers' choice for the trade magazine elektrobörse smarthouse in the category ‘Building Automation’

2016 & 2017

‘Best of 2017’ in the ‘Consumer Electronic’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT 2017


Juniper Research's ‘Future Digital Award’ for Best Consumer Product in the Smart Home Category


Total Telecom's ‘Internet of Things Award’ in the ‘Smart Home Initiative’ category


‘Quality Award’ from for the dS components


Gartner Inc. adds digitalSTROM to its Cool Vendors List


‘Best of 2015’ in the ‘Hardware’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT


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