A great deal more than
just a Technology

Number ONE
for retrofits and
new constructions
Since 2004

A great deal more than
just a Technology

Number ONE
for retrofits and
new constructions
Since 2004

The Digital Infrastrucuture and Service Platform

digitalSTROM Smart Home stands for much more than just another innovative fancy technology. Our system pursues the strategic goal of enabling a revolutionary way of living based on unlimited interconnection of all home aspects. That is why we connect and automate home and building technology components such as lighting, shading devices, photovoltaic systems, heating and ventilation systems, household appliances, home electronics as well as alarm and assistance systems by the means of our service platform.

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Effortless integration of major brands

The excellent digitalSTROM Smart Home system is compatible with the major brands you know and trust, and which are active in the field since its beginings. Below, you will find a selection of our partners.


Innovative Technology for Amazing Results

digitalSTROM solutions digitalize and interconnect the operation of building technology components such as lighting, shading devices, household appliances as well as home electronics.

The digitalSTROM clamps (see picture) are at the heart of our Smart Home technology. They allow the digitalization and the interconnection of common analogue devices such as lights, shading devices, thermostats and pushbuttons via the existing power line, as well as their connection to the webspace.

Our installation partners will gladly inform and support you through each step of your Smart Home project.

How digitalSTROM works
Mühelose & schnelle Installation

Effortless & quick installation

The installation of digitalSTROM Smart Home system is very simple and fast, as it requires no extra new wiring and no structural modifications in the house. The permanently installed infrastructure components are low-maintenance, very durable, robust and fail-safe. Their operating life is designed to meet the current building technology renewal cycles. The digitalSTROM system is upgradeable, upward compatible and able to integrate future developments.

Unkompliziert und einfach zu bedienen

Uncomplicated and user-friendly

The operation as well as the interaction among the house residents is very intuitive and suitable for all age groups. Like for example the availability of the familiar smart pushbutton, which can be effortlessly installed in different easy-to-access locations of the house. Furthermore, by means of touchscreen interface, voice control protocol (Amazon Alexa and Google Home) or smartphone app, the users can easily define the needed settings as well as control all interconnected aspects and devices. The system allows even for simpler configurations by the users, which open many new application possibilities.

Intelligentes Zusammenspiel

Intelligent Interaction

Our decentralized approach ensures that devices and applications are orchestrated accordingly, that each device optimizes itself and integrates automatically into the general system. digitalSTROM works locally and without an Internet connection. If you want to use services that are available in the digitalSTROM Cloud, you access them via the secure Internet access. These can be services from digitalSTROM or from third-party providers.

Unsere Technologie

Our technology

The digitalSTROM clamps are at the heart of our Smart Home technology. Their extreme miniaturization makes it possible for them to integrate into, digitize and interconnect common analogue devices such as lights, shading devices, thermostats and pushbuttons and effortlessly “smarten” them all up. For example, the power electronics unit allows you to switch and dim the lights and to measure their current consumption. The clamps are equipped with a small computerized unit able to store and map data, including, among other things, the behavioral logic of the device.

Advantages of the digitalSTROM system compared to other smart home systems

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The most important settings are pre-configured and the interaction of all devices works automatically.

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It allows for individual changes or extensions in the configurator at any time.

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digitalSTROM does not require an expensive system integrator, like it’s the case of other smart home systems.

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Even devices integrated retrospectively are automatically part of the digitalSTROM system and interact immediately with all other devices.

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It is an unique system that doesn't require additional wiring, therefore it is quick and easy to install in existing buildings and ideal for retrofits and renovations.

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Live well and sleep like a baby. No radio waves like WiFi and Bluetooth to disturb your comfort. Our system communicates entirely via your existing power line.

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The modular design of digitalSTROM makes it possible to upgrade and extend the functionalities at any time: lighting, shading devices, heating, additional rooms, additional devices and much more.

Would you like to learn more about digitalSTROM and its advantages?

Our installation partners in your area will gladly advise you free of charge and without any purchase obligation.

... and much more

Open system approach and future-proof infrastructure

The open system approach offers the possibility to integrate systems and devices from third-party manufacturers - also via different protocols and standards. The digitalSTROM platform relies on the two most stable and future-proof infrastructures in the home: the power line and the IP network.

Use of the power line as a central signal transmission infrastructure in the house

The power line represents the central infrastructure in the house, supplying power to all essential devices. By using the power line as signal transmission infrastructure, the system can reach, automate and interconnect every plugged-in device. Both new and existing buildings thus have an extremely flexible energy and data infrastructure.

IP network as an important communication tool

In the longrun, the IP network will play an increasingly important role for communication inside the house. In addition to the existing WLAN, however, the power line will also be available as a wired LAN network in every corner of the house in the future. This will not only facilitate the onboarding of new devices, but also reliably enable a high data rate.

dS Meter

The digitalSTROM Meter (dSM) communicates with all digitalSTROM components and clamps in the connected, separately fused circuits. The patented transmission logic is based on a master/slave principle. The dSM installed behind the fuse in the fuse box generates a small voltage fluctuation close to zero reaching the installed clamps of all the connected components, allowing for the clamps to get and interpret the released fluctuation as a “signal”. digitalSTROM system uses this way to “send” messages to the clamps.

Our digitalSTROM clamp converts the protocol to dS-Powerline

The digitalSTROM clamps convert the corresponding protocol to dS-Powerline. In this case, the connection to the device is established via the power line and converted to the corresponding protocol close to the device. The clamps allow the storage of the device behavior, resulting in a complete and immediate integration of each device.

Control and integration of devices into the network via Virtual Device Container (vDC).

digitalSTROM system interconnects digitally controlled household appliances and other devices with IP interface via WLAN or LAN. The corresponding integration into the network takes place via the so-called Virtual Device Containers (vDC). The vDC stored on the dSS reproduce the entire functionality of the clamps including the network adapter and the standard device behavior in the software and translate the digitalSTROM signals for the microcontroller of the end device.