Retrofit: The Peak Lab Office, Oldenburg, Germany

“It is important to us not only to develop software solutions for our customers, but also to use them ourselves.” With these words, the CEO of the Oldenburg software specialist the Peak Lab explains his decision for choosing digitalSTROM and its Smart Home system. By implementing the digitalSTROM system, they could take advantage of an outstanding smart home technology and create a special working atmosphere for all the employees.

Indeed, all aspects of the office can be monitored via the in-house developed SmartOffice app. For example, employees can use a tablet to control the lights, kitchen appliances or blinds. By the means of the interconnectivity of each office aspect, the employees can preprogram entire scenarios managing the everyday needs in the office. A tap on the app button “Moin” switches on the system and the devices and the office is ready for use. “Bye” rings in the end of the day, the office goes into sleep mode to save energy.

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