10 reasons to choose the Powerline Communication Technology for your Smart Home

Merely 100 years ago, people were still staring with frightened astonishment every time invisible energy would lighten up the tiny filament and bring light in small and big spaces. It was called a revolution, and it brought unforeseen changes in a very short period. Nowadays, the same invisible energy is pulsating lots of zeros and ones and sending bits and pieces of information through the same electrical network. Only now it’s controlling the whole technical aspects of the house from the cockpit of your smartphone, touchscreen or pushbutton. It’s called Powerline Communication Technology and it’s the technology behind all digitalSTROM Smart Home solutions.

Like all brilliant inventions, the digitalSTROM Smart Home Technology is straightforward and offers many advantages to its users.

1. It’s an all-encompassing Smart Home system as it can control all technical aspects of your house, including third-party devices.

2. No need for additional wiring since the existing 230-V powerline serves as a communication route for the whole system.

3. Live well and sleep like a baby: the system emits no radio waves like WiFi and Bluetooth to disturb your comfort and wellbeing.

4. The quick and easy installation makes it ideal for retrofits or new builds.

5. Most importantly, settings are pre-configured and the interaction of all devices works automatically.

6. The configurator allows for individual changes or extensions at any time.

7. digitalSTROM does not require an expensive system integrator like most other Smart Home systems.

8. Start at your own pace and desired investment level. The modular design of digitalSTROM makes it possible to upgrade and extend the functionalities as you go.

9. digitalSTROM is an open system. Any connected device integrated retrospectively is automatically part of the system and interacts immediately with all other devices.

10. It helps you save energy and protect the environment!

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