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in Zurich’s Hard Turm Park

Intelligent networking with digitalSTROM makes apartments more comfortable, safer and more energy-efficient

Whether it’s at work, while driving or simply talking with friends - digitalisation has transformed our daily lives. Yet at home, time seems to have stood still as we enter analogue spaces. digitalSTROM fills in this digital hole with its product of the same name.

An architectural statement - the interconnected apartment

“Timeless Promise”: this is what the creators have named the Attika apartment on the 23rd floor of the Hard Turm Park in Zurich. And not without reason. Dreamlike, as the red and gold sun sets over the Limmat Valley in the Canton of Zurich, bathing the two “Timeless Promise” floors in atmospheric light.

The apartment was was skilfully designed and furnished by the young artist collective Dyer-Smith Frey. Finished at the end of 2013, the tall building at Pfingstweidstrasse 98 houses the Sheraton Zürich Hotel on the lower floors, while freehold apartments can be found above.

Digital lifestyle over the rooftops of Zurich

So that the interior design of the artists' collective can fully flourish in the well thought-out penthouse while state-of-the-art technology can be used concurrently, the building contractor opted for digitalSTROM’s smart home system In the impressive Attika apartment, the entire lighting controls are orchestrated with digitalSTROM. The smart interconnected lighting creates individual room moods that are tailored to the needs of the occupier. An increase in comfort and energy efficiency is no longer a paradox. If is the family is huddled together on the sofa, with a click of the app, the lights in all the rooms except the living room can be turned off. Controlling digitalSTROM is simple and intuitive through ordinary light switches, tablets, smartphone or using voice controls like Amazon Echo.

The “I’m leaving” function goes one step further, with all the devices in the apartment being turned off with just one touch of a button. Also conveniently from the sofa, for example, the "I want to read" mood can be activated via smartphone and the selected lamps dim into the desired level of light. Now only the fantastic views over the rooftops of Zurich can distract you from reading.

Open interfaces also allow digitalSTROM to quickly react to technical innovations and to integrate new devices into the system. As such, broadband devices such as SONOS audio systems or Philips Hue lights can be directly integrated into the smart home system via IP interfaces.