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Right on the gorgeous Lake Zurich and a just a short walk from the Zurich Opera House is the Hotel opera. The 4-star establishment is not only a central reference point for lovers of culture and visitors to the Swiss metropolis; it also provides its guests with an extra special type of comfort in its stylishly furnished “smart rooms” - seven of the 58 rooms are fitted with digitalSTROM. This way, guests can adjust the light and music levels in the rooms individually and simply to their personal taste.

Guests can orchestrate light and music themselves

The history of the Zurich Opera House is full of high points. Not only did the impressive career of Wilhelm Furtwängler, one of the 20th century’s most important conductors, begin here; it was also the first opera house in Europe to be fitted with electric lighting.

Many decades later, the themes of “orchestration” and “light” still play a great role at the Hotel Opera. Only a few steps from the opera house, guests here can “conduct” light and music themselves at will in the “smart rooms”. Privately owned for 80 years, the hotel thus proves that classical architecture and original flair can go together very well with high-quality technical features.

For General Manager Michael Böhler, it was important “to create a special experience for guests through smart networking in the rooms.” At the same time, the technology used had to be operable intuitively and should not pose an inhibition or stumbling block for any guests.

Lighting moods and music for a pleasant atmosphere like being at home

Explaining the opting for the multi award-winning German/Swiss company, Böhler explains: “The digitalSTROM platform proved to be an ideal partner.” In addition to the usual operation of the light via switches, the guests in the newly designed "smart rooms" have completely different, convenient user options at their disposal.

In particular, an individual environment and thereby a pleasant atmosphere like being at home can be sought by a tap of the finger. The lamps can be switched on to different lighting moods of brightness and colour composition, blinds and shutters can be raised and lowered, and music moods like pop and rock or classical can be chosen and played on the soundbar installed in the room. The hotel room can be adapted in no time to personal preferences.

If self-orchestration isn’t desired, the ready-configured moods “Relax”, “Renew” and “Power” can be requested to get one in the mood for the respective type of day.

Yet for controlling, a permanently installed display can also be used. Before they go to bed, the guest simply has to press the dim-out button on the display in their “smart room” and make themselves comfortable in the room's large lounge bed. Then the smart network will slowly dim down the light and finally switch it off completely.

Humanoid robot Pepper welcomes guests

Yet at the Hotel Opera, they’re going one step further. Medium-term guests are to be welcomed at the 4-star hotel’s reception by the humanoid robot Pepper who digitally carries out a part of the check-in. Regular guests can therefore check in more quickly, for example, and the employees at reception can spend more time with guests visiting the hotel for the first time.

Yet if there is a wait time at reception, Pepper can offer the guests who are waiting a coffee or give them tips for sightseeing and places to go out in Zurich.

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