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Largest retrofit
in Hamburg

„The system is sensational“

It has been one of the largest and extensive retro fittings in digitalSTROMs history, and at the same time the very first smart home system ever installed by electricians Albertsen-Elektro. And still everything went according to plan, timewise but also from a technical viewpoint. After almost 300 installed terminals and a successful launch, everyone involved came to the same conclusion: “The system is sensational”.

Preservation rules are no obstacle

The four story villa is located in one of Hamburgs most prestigious and sought after neighborhoods. Whoever lives here isn’t just satisfied with a high end, classy interior. Technical innovation, comfort and security are a must for the owner of the 1911 built listed building.

From the start the Swiss businessman with roots in Hamburg knew that he would want to make his new 400m2 house a smart and intelligent home. For him, the most important feature was to individually control and regulate room temperature settings while being able to remotely adjust them according to his presence or absence.

While looking for solutions that would fit his needs, the businessman stumbled upon digitalSTROM. Aside from his desired configuration options, he was impressed with the open, innovative platform technology. digitalSTROMs countless awards and industry recognition were the final piece to convince him that he found the right partner. Because all data communication runs through the power lines, no additional wiring had to be done. Additional wiring would have meant structural alterations forbidden by the landmark commission.

A smart home system that advances itself

Another reason why digitalSTROM was a fit: due to the sheer number of radiators within the house, the owner wasn’t in favour of using a battery powered technology to avoid changing the sensors battery on every radiator. Overall, he was looking for a system that could do more. A system was versatile, flexible, advances itself and was open for new smart home functionalities and technical innovation. A platform just like digitalSTROM.

From heating to lighting and further beyond

Aside from heating control even more of the owners wishes have been fulfilled throughout the installation. For security reasons the large windows souterrain windows are not be opened for ventilation. Instead he wished to have ventilating fans installed. To avoid humid air flowing into the house it was necessary to equip the automated fans with sensors that would record and control inside and outside humidity.

Another item on the “wishlist”: Light control for every room and the installation of a “come and go switch”. This switch deactivates all electrical devices and starts an abscense routine predefined by the owner. Just at the simple push of a button.

But also network integration of the Sonos sound system, Amazon Echo for voice recognition and a panic button next to the bed, that in case of an emergency switches on lights, warning systems and send an alarm SMS, were part of the owners wishes.

Self explanatory installation and configuration

But praise for the digitalSTROM system doesn’t just come from the owner, but also the professional electricians. “digitalSTROM really is sensational. Setup, installation and functionality of the system is pretty much self explanatory.” Those are the words of Björn Kröger und Jens Robeck, the experienced electricians from Albertsen-Elektro.

“We went from room to room, the client simply told us which devices, applications and functionalities were supposed to be connected and we took notes which digitalSTROM terminals we would use. Afterwards we just placed our order.” Björn Kröger said.

But it is not just the installation, the configuration of the system is equally seamless. After installing all components, the configuration is done via the ds-Cofigurator which is installed by default on the dS-Server. After quick guiding the owner can quickly configure everything on his own, if he wants to.

“The smart thing about a smart home is supposed to be the feature that it adjust to the owners needs without a lot of effort”, says Björn Kröger about the advantages of the digitalSTROM system. With most systems that’s not a matter of fact, unfortunately as Kröger knows: “Most systems with an equal set of functionalities are not as adjustable and you require an expert for every little change.”

An impressive system

Also Thomas Roseberg, managing director of Albertsen-Elektro agrees with the praise of his colleagues. “The capacity and the easy installation process impressed us the most. The system allows you to build a smart home that competitors can only achieve with more complicated and expensive systems. After a short introduction the build up of the network is nearly effortless, easily comprehensible and self explanatory. Everything can be enhanced and adjusted afterwards. And because you don’t need additional wiring it can be used for listed buildings. We will recommend the system to our customers in the future.”