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Jonas Hiller
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“Come-and-go” function is the favourite feature of the “best goal-tender of all time” (“20 Minuten”)

He is one of the most successful Swiss ice hockey goalies of all time. For many years, he played in America’s NHL. Now he’s back in Switzerland. And with digitalSTROM and Hubware, he’s fulfilling his smart home dream.

The sun is shining over the small place west of Bern where Jonas Hiller has made his new home with his family. After a total of nine years in America’s NHL, the “best goal-tender of all time”, as he was described in the Swiss newspaper “20 Minuten”, has this past year returned to his Swiss homeland.

Hiller wanted comfort and safety, flexibility and simple usability, but the price had to be right.

The road leading to his house can hardly be designated as such. It is more like a small path. And one with several potholes, in fact. To the right is an old small farmhouse than today is a day nursery. People are out strolling and greet each other as they pass by. The air is crisp, and it is quiet. It really seems far from the madding crowd.

This is where he lives. The man who is professionally under fire. The man who keeps the goal at EHC Biel/Bienne clear and sets the team on the road to victory. From the small street, it is hard to see from all dimensions he modern concrete building that Hiller got last summer with his wife and their young daughter - which is a complete understatement. It suits the modest and restrained householder.

Yet while the house looks austere on the outside, inside it is full of intelligence. All the devices are interconnected and are capable of communicating with one another. This is exactly what Hiller always envisioned and wanted - a real smart home. This not only provides him and his family more comfort and safety; it can also be operated simply and intuitively.

digitalSTROM and Hubware - an informed choice

With digitalSTROM and Hubware, Jonas Hiller has found everything he was missing during his time in the USA. He already experimented with different smart home solutions over there, yet none excited him. “Everything ran over WiFi, which led to many breakdowns and his wife getting in a bad mood,” Hiller explained in an interview with the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung. Now everything is completely different. With digitalSTROM, Hiller has found a smart home system, which is not only stable, but also fulfils all his desires - and more importantly goes down well with his wife. The controls and operation can be used in such a simple and intuitive manner, that even his technophobic wife and his young daughter are already able to cope with it.

As well as the high user-friendliness and the stability, the great flexibility of digitalSTROM has also amazed Hiller. With this, another important requirement for his idea of a real smart home was met - the system should also be able to change and grow with the still young family.

“Come-and-go” function is a favourite feature

Connected via the power supply. Operable using the traditional light switch, the tablet or via voice control (e.g. with Amazon Echo). digitalSTROM and SARAH provide Jonas Hiller and his family the stability, ease and flexibility they could want from a smart home. Yet one feature in particular amazes the successful ice hockey goalie - the “come-and-go” function.

“The most practical functions for me are “come” and “go”. If I leave the house, I only have to press the “go” button on my iPhone or press the light switch twice, and the house does the rest.”
Jonas Hiller

Smart home as a work in progress

Next, Hiller wants to get a Tesla, as he explained in the newspaper SonntagsZeitung. He can rely on digitalSTROM and SARAH to create added value here too.

For example, the fancy electric car can be integrated with SARAH, after which the car can, for example, be preheated comfortably, or its early arrival announced through something like the SONOS Player. Yet digitalSTROM also has a number of exciting features ready for Tesla drivers. The entire house can be controlled en route via the large touch screen. And if the top goalie opts for his own photovoltaic system, then he can charge his electric car with digitalSTROM as energy-efficiently, individually and optimally as possible.


Interview with Jonas Hiller

What made you decide to turn your new home into a smart home?

During our time in the USA, we kept experimenting with different smart home solutions, yet none of them really amazed us. When we got back to Switzerland, it was clear to me that our new house had to be a real smart home. Therefore, I looked into the whole topic intensively, and included our architect as well. The aim was simple - it had to provide more comfort and safety, it had to be technically stable and flexible, it had to be easy to operate and it had to be affordable.

And then you stumbled upon digitalSTROM and SARAH?

Exactly. I’m extremely tech-savvy, yet I also want my wife and children to be able to use the control and operation system. I then did some research and also spoke intensively with our architect. In the end, he also gave me the idea to work more intensively with digitalSTROM and SARAH. Ultimately, it was simply the most convincing overall package that was decisive.

What exactly was it that amazed you?

The unbelievable array of possibilities and the fact that it was an open standard. My needs and requirements for my home are constantly changing over time. I need a system there that is capable of adapting to these changes and that is evolving. Another important point - the set-up via the digitalSTROM configurator is really easy and the operation via SARAH incredibly intuitive and comfortable. Furthermore, I haven’t found any other system that provides such outstanding value for money. SARAH and digitalSTROM are a darned strong team that has amazed everyone in the family.