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speaks with Google Home

“OK Google, activate digitalSTROM!”

One short sentence, countless possibilities. digitalSTROM customers in Germany and Switzerland get added value with integration with Google Home. Now all devices interconnected with digitalSTROM can also be addressed and controlled via the new Google loudspeaker. This provides another convenient choice for operation and makes the German-Swiss smart home system even more attractive.

Say what you wish for and your home makes it come true

The activation of this new service is simple and convenient, just like being able to operate by speaking out loud in an instant, unscripted manner. With the sentence “OK Google, activate digitalSTROM”, the digitalSTROM home automatically connects to Google Home and opens a dialogue between resident and home.

Saying “OK Google, tell digitalSTROM I want a coffee” is all it takes for a coffee to be made according to your personal preferences. Google Home recognises the person, speaks with them and gives this information to the coffee machine via digitalSTROM.

“OK Google, tell digitalSTROM I want to get up”

Even more complex procedures and abstract scenarios like “get up” can be individually configured and requested in the digitalSTROM system. The simple sentence “OK Google, tell digitalSTROM I want to get up” is all it takes to pull the roller shutters up high in every room, to turn the light on in the bathroom and kitchen, to turn on your favourite radio show and to get the smart kettle in the kitchen to heat the water for your morning cup of tea. The possibilities are practically endless.

Talking assistants increasingly important

The sales figures speak for themselves - smart talking assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo are becoming more and more important. This is because it enables the most natural of all interactions between people and their home - instant speech.

All digitalSTROM customers benefit from this. With the multi award-winning smart home platform, platform, digitalSTROM provides an infrastructure that interconnects devices in the home independently of the manufacture, orchestrating their interaction.

In the context of the smart home, Google Home has the ability to recognise speech and voices and pass on this information to digitalSTROM.

Different operation concepts mean flexibility

The classic light switch, wall-mounted operating devices, apps for mobile devices, automated processes and languages - digitalSTROM smart home customers can choose from various operating concepts depending on the application purpose, the situational requirements and personal preferences.

Talking assistants like Google Home are particularly useful if more complex actions need to be performed or personal settings need to be taken into account. Even if several family members live under one roof, the different needs will be taken into account. This is because Google Home recognises the speaker by the voice, an advantage that invaluable in situations like working in the kitchen. In this situation, residents frequently have their hands full and can’t use a smartphone or push a button. Instant speech is thus the simplest and most comfortable way to interact with one’s own home.

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