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Contemporary and future-proof residential range

Diverse and frequently changing lifestyles, combined with heightened demands on living, are ensuring that the value of a building will not be gauged solely by its extraordinary situation and architecture in the future, but above all by the availability of a digital infrastructure. It is the basis for a contemporary residential range – not only for today but for the future above all.

You can lay the foundation stone for this today with the digitalSTROM platform. That is because a residence equipped with digitalSTROM is not only constantly in step with the times, but is always ahead of them too.

Easy updatability

The lifecycle of a building’s basic infrastructure differs considerably from the innovation cycle of the household appliances and entertainment electronics that are acquired by the occupant. Thanks to the updatability of built-in appliances, the infrastructure always stays up-to-date, is compatible with the latest appliances and the most up-to-date software and offers new applications with every release.

Maximum flexibility

Basically, a digital residence functions like any conventional, analogue one. However, it is capable of adapting to needs as they change according to phase of life. All existing or future apps and services, along with important operations, can be used without restrictions. In addition, the simple and quick installation of new appliances means that the spectrum of applications grows – without any need for conversion or calling in a system integrator.

More efficient processes

A digital infrastructure means that residences can be equipped with different target groups in mind. As a result, marketing, managing and facility management processes can be organised more efficiently, which opens up new potentials for additional profits from residential services. Thanks to a digital infrastructure, the Internet of Things is no empty phrase, but realised through the digital twin of residence and appliances.

Profit enhancement

  • Higher rent income though property upgrading
  • Enhancement of marketing attractiveness (lower vacancy rates, flexible orientation to specific segments etc.)
  • Sale of additional residential services, e.g. for age-appropriate living


  • Only marginally higher investment costs than for conventional infrastructure
  • Lower overall costs (lifecycle consideration), as no mechanical measures to convert electrical installations are necessary
  • Basis for more efficient processes during planning and facility management

Always open to new things – and to the best brands and appliances

The open system approach enables you to continue to look to your preferred suppliers and manufacturers for all existing appliances in a residence and participating trades. All products and appliances can be integrated into the digitalSTROM platform with ease and expanded by attractive add-ons.

There are also unlimited possibilities open to the occupant. Virtually all electrical and also the growing number of IP appliances present in a household can be integrated into the digitalSTROM platform at any time via Plug & Play. Whether it is a vintage standard lamp, Sonos music system, Philips Hue light – the digital residence enters into interplay with all appliances instantly.


A selection of our renowned partners:

Philips Hue
Siemens Hausgeräte

Die digitale Infrastruktur und Service-Plattform

Mit digitalSTROM wird der Alltag für Bewohner und Immobilienbewirtschafter nicht nur smarter, sndern auch komfortabler, effizienter und sicherer.

Data protection

digitalSTROM places particular value on data protection and private sphere. Accordingly, system architecture, infrastructure and operating processes are so arranged as to safeguard tenants’ private sphere and minimise the risk of misuse.


digitalSTROM creates transparency with regard to the energy consumption of every single appliance, every room as well as of the entire residence. Energy monitoring can be depicted in the app or on the wall display or used for energy-saving options.


In conjunction with software and cognitive intelligence, built-in sensor technology offers comprehensive protection against storms, fire or unwanted visitors. The very same sensors are used for various applications. Depending on event, the appliances present in the residence react appropriately and inform the occupant about the event via audio system, room display, app, SMS or e-mail.


Room-moods, under the inclusion of built-in lights, music, shading and air conditioning, are retrieved via the press of a button, or speech. Comfort is considerably improved through the advance winding-in of blinds and awnings, automatic watering etc.


By means of automation and services available through subscription, digitalSTROM reduces energy consumption or optimises domestic current use. Heating and cooling is performed under consideration of absences, weather developments and other parameters that are useful for this.


The digitalSTROM platform is so designed as to be adaptable to every occupant. This way, even older people in need of care can use it without renovations.

Kitchens and bathrooms are going digital

As things stand today, living room and bedroom are preferably networked. Kitchens and bathrooms, though, are increasingly gaining in importance in modern homes and are usually an equal factor in choosing a residence. The interplay of digital building technology with plumbing apparatuses and kitchen appliances opens up new worlds of experience and enhancing convenience and safety.

The digital bathroom: The personal wellness oasis

The digital bathroom adjusts to the individual preferences of every single occupant. From the personally preferred light-mood in the morning through to the greeting and the playing of the favourite playlist via the loudspeaker system in the evening – virtually everything is possible. In combination with electronic, height-adjustable bathroom furniture, it even adapts to family members of all ages and body sizes. Built-in monitors, taking the form of bathroom furniture, can be turned by means of lighting, water and sound into a component of moods and scenes and thus provide a completely new bathroom experience.

The intelligent kitchen: The convenient heart of every home

IEveryone is a chef in the intelligent kitchen, because appliances, such as the oven and the coffee machine for example, harmonise with one another. Thanks to intelligent networking and orchestration, all users need to do is express the desire that the two appliances be ready at the same time. For the perfect breakfast, this means: The home-baked rolls and fresh coffee are ready simultaneously – because the appliances have harmonised the necessary start times with each other. But there also is a “guarantee of success” even when preparing a complicated dish: For example, the audio system can give specific instructions as to what preparation step needs to be carried out next.

Digital infrastructure for networked living

Thanks to its digital infrastructure, a building equipped with digitalSTROM not only becomes more flexible, but it is always right up to date technologically. That is of particular advantage when market conditions change due to demographic, economic, technical or socio-cultural developments.

Thanks to the modular system approach, technological product innovations can be integrated quickly and uncomplicatedly. The digitalSTROM installation thereby not only automatically remains right up to date, but it also continues to evolve in the course of time

Excellent Smart Home platform

Numerous awards underscore the innovative nature of our system and
our products and attest to digitalSTROM’s popularity.

Once again the most popular app in the Smart Home category of the Focus Money practical test

2017 & 2018

Readers' choice for the trade magazine elektrobörse smarthouse in the category ‘Building Automation’

2016 & 2017

‘Best of 2017’ in the ‘Consumer Electronic’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT 2017


Juniper Research's ‘Future Digital Award’ for Best Consumer Product in the Smart Home Category


Total Telecom's ‘Internet of Things Award’ in the ‘Smart Home Initiative’ category


‘Quality Award’ from for the dS components


Gartner Inc. adds digitalSTROM to its Cool Vendors List


‘Best of 2015’ in the ‘Hardware’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT


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