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With our multi-award-winning digitalSTROM platform we offer you the optimum basis for becoming even more successful on the booming smart home market.

As a partner to digitalSTROM your appliances gain access, among other things, to the world’s best algorithms. As a result, they are not only capable of learning, but they are also automated and receive useful and attractive add-ons. This way, you not only increase your customers’ satisfaction, but you also have the opportunity to tap into new customer potentials and secure a competitive advantage.

Our vision

Our personal "vision for living" is reminding us everyday that what we do contributes to make life easier, more comfortable, energy efficient and safer. For the benefit our customers and society.

We offer a special customer experience in the home that is convenient and brings enjoyment.

We relieve our customers of burdensome, mundane chores and thereby save them effort and time. 

We create a healthier living environment for our customers

We make the home safer and reduce the number of serious domestic injuries and deaths as a result.

We use automation to expand our customers’ capabilities and ensure that they have all the expertise they need in all relevant areas. 

We adapt to our customers’ individual life situation – even if this changes as a result of age or other circumstances. 

We ensure that operation and expansion of the home is so easy that anyone can do it. 

We create efficiency that is the basis for ensuring that everyone can live this standard without destroying our planet.

We fulfil these demands at an optimum price.

The digitalSTROM platform

A unique user experience, intelligent appliances, seamless orchestration, countless connection possibilities and a future-proof infrastructure are the distinguishing features of a smart home by digitalSTROM. As part of the digitalSTROM platform, homes, rooms and appliances are capable of adapting to the individual desires of their occupants and users. As result, the smart home becomes attractive for everyone – regardless of age, technological affinity and willingness to invest.


User experience

Natural interaction for all users

Operating a digitalSTROM smart home is really easy – no matter how powerful and complex the system is. In addition to the familiar switches on the wall, controlling is done entirely naturally via speech, for example. The home listens to the spoken word and carries out the corresponding actions. However, automation means that sensors are also capable of detecting an occupant’s intentions or needs and controlling appliances. At the same time, we regard it as our responsibility to understand what our customer is about to do – not the other way around.


Intelligent appliances

An end to the stupidity of appliances

With our “dS device bots” we provide networked appliances, such as kitchen appliances for example, with access to the most intelligent and best algorithms as well as cognitive services – from image recognition through to recipe libraries. In the digitalSTROM smart home, networked appliances thereby automatically benefit from constantly growing knowledge of the world. All appliances are additionally capable of learning and become ever more intelligent as a result. They are capable of adapting and are able to directly communicate with their users. An end is thereby put to the stupidity of appliances.


Seamless orchestration

The decentralised digitalSTROM approach

Countless new possibilities arise for the occupant through every single networked appliance. But only the interplay with digitalSTROM ensures seamless orchestration and the optimum interplay of all appliances. This guarantees every single user the operating convenience they desire and every occupant the perfect living experience. Additionally, thanks to our decentralised approach every appliance is able to optimise the way it integrates with the interplay. In addition, through the standard appliance behaviour of digitalSTROM we ensure a unique and effective user experience.


dS Powerline

Analogue appliances go digital

digitalSTROM terminals enable occupants to digitise analogue appliances in their home, such as lamps, blinds or light-switches, and network them via the powerline. The switch is given a function extension as a result and, as a learned operating element, becomes an additional, central control element for the entirety of the appliances in the smart home. As a durable and stable infrastructure in the home, the powerline guarantees the future-proofness of a digitalSTROM smart home for customers and partners.



Sufficient bandwidth for every appliance

Thanks to the extremely thin and flexible POF conductor from digitalSTROM, supply to every single appliance with up to 1 gigabit is guaranteed in every nook of the home. This way, it is possible to network all appliances in the home safely and easily. Laid behind skirting boards/baseboards or cupboards, networking is performed almost invisibly.


Countless connection possibilities

Everything can be integrated

Clear added value will only arise for the occupants of a house once all appliances – no matter whether analogue or digital – can be networked. With digitalSTROM, this is really easy and possible at any time. Analogue appliances become digital and networked through being connected to a digitalSTROM terminal. Appliances that are already digital and networked can be integrated at any time – entirely regardless of what technology and protocol they are based on. This is why every single appliance and hence every appliance manufacturer benefits from being part of the digitalSTROM platform.


In partnership with the Heise Business Service, a number of whitepapers have been published on various current topics, among others in the Technology Review:

„Data Protection as a Component of Smart Home Systems“


„Intelligent Living Needs No More Attention“


„Smart Home Cannot Work Without Open Platform“


„New Interaction Concepts Create Convenience“


digitalSTROM moves in easily and cleanly everywhere

Once you have opted for digitalSTROM, the whole process is really fast. The intelligent modules that convert your home into a smart home are tiny and fit behind every light-switch and into every lamp. The existing lines remain in use, meaning that installation complexity is guaranteed to remain low and will leave behind no traces. The system is rapidly installed and instantly operational. That means you can get going straight away: controlling your lighting and roller-blinds, setting your Good Morning scenario and checking your power consumption, and … so very many possibilities…

Excellent Smart Home platform

Numerous awards underscore the innovative nature of our system and
our products and attest to digitalSTROM’s popularity.

Once again the most popular app in the Smart Home category of the Focus Money practical test

2017 & 2018

Readers' choice for the trade magazine elektrobörse smarthouse in the category ‘Building Automation’

2016 & 2017

‘Best of 2017’ in the ‘Consumer Electronic’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT 2017


Juniper Research's ‘Future Digital Award’ for Best Consumer Product in the Smart Home Category


Total Telecom's ‘Internet of Things Award’ in the ‘Smart Home Initiative’ category


‘Quality Award’ from for the dS components


Gartner Inc. adds digitalSTROM to its Cool Vendors List


‘Best of 2015’ in the ‘Hardware’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT


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