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The digitalSTROM technology has already transformed countless properties into a perfect smart home. Let yourself be inspired by some of our selected case studies and stories.

New Building

Altstetten-Zurich, Switzerland

Living in Vulcano in Zurich-Altstetten is extraordinary. No compromise. No restriction. This also applies to the standard of the apartment, which leaves nothing to be desired - thanks to digitalSTROM. This makes it possible for all technical functions - lighting, air conditioning and various household appliances - to interact intelligently and be operated conveniently.

New Building

Amsterdam, Holland

Memel Island is one of the eight reconquered islands in the Houthaven. Where, a century ago, the ports still had their daily supply of wood, today beautiful new residential complexes are being built. The sustainable and environmentally friendly quay houses, apartments and penthouses are equipped with digitalSTROM and offer their residents a very special comfort.

New Building

American red cedar house
Kleinmachnow, Deutschland

Whether shutters, lights or the in-house music system: Almost everything is smartly networked with each other in the smart Southern Villa thanks to digitalSTROM. In addition to the desire for comfort, this step had very practical reasons: The house has 23 windows and two entrance doors. Manual operation of the shutters would, without centralized and intelligent control, always be a sporting act.

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New Building

Wädenswil, Switzerland

The 50 rental apartments are all equipped with digitalSTROM technology. The focus is on "light", "shading", "heating" and "ventilation."

A wall display with integrated intercom system installed in each living unit enables the smart home to be controlled.

The visualization of energy and electricity consumption as well as water and heat consumption ensures greater efficiency and helps the residents to save resources.


Listed villa
Hamburg, Deutschland

The four-storeyed, listed villa in the west of Hamburg is one of the largest digitalSTROM retrofits. On the 400 square meters of living space more than 300 digitalSTROM components were installed.

The orchestration and control of light, shading, heating and music are the focus for the residents and played an important role in the decision for digitalSTROM.

It was the first digitalSTROM installation for the electrical contractor. The judgment of the electrician much more than positive. Read more in our story.

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Altikon, Switzerland

North of Winterthur, in the small town of Altikon, stands the 160-year-old farmhouse, which has been transformed from digitalSTROM into the smartest house in town thanks to the smart home technology. In this property tradition meets the living of the future. 

All in all, three generations live under the same roof in the farmhouse. The pleasing thing is that every single resident is an enthusiastic digitalSTROM user. That’s because the system offers very specific and useful applications and scenarios for every age. Of particular importance to all residents, however, are the themes of "light", "access", "music" and "security".

New Building

Zurich, Switzerland

Quietly located, but still close to the urban trend quarter Zurich-West. Between the Hard Turm Park and the Limmat a total of 50 terraced condominiums were built. Each with different, tailored sizes and floor plans. Adapted to the wishes of the buyer. Here, the nature extends into the apartments: from the large terraces and loggias the view can sweep over the nearby green areas into treetops.

Inside, too, the apartments are characterized by something very special: they are equipped with a digitalSTROM basic infrastructure for "light" and "shading". Of course, every resident can complete and expand this digitalSTROM basic installation at will and at any time and turn his flat into the perfect smart home. The conditions are optimal: each apartment has an optical broadband network.


Energy efficient family house
Freising, Germany

"As energy efficient and intelligent as possible" - that was the explicit wish when the buyers of the real estate planned the rebuilding. After a detailed comparison of smart home systems, the choice fell on digitalSTROM.

Especially the numerous possibilities in the field of "light" and "shading" but also the topics "energy monitoring and - optimization" have finally convinced. The family obtain the electricity largely on its own photovoltaic system on the roof. The intelligent networking of countless luminaires from various manufacturers is carried out via the digitalSTROM system.

The subject of comfort also plays an important role: the more than 20 shutters and blinds are centrally controlled and automatically react depending on the weather.


Moorweiden Palais
Hamburg, Germany

The historic “Stadtpalais in der Moorweide”, in the heart of the hanseatic city of Hamburg, immediately captivates you not only externally. The residents of the impressive building are also looking forward to something very special: Wilhelminian splendor meets state-of-the-art smart home technology.

Historic floors and lush stucco combine not only with luxurious bathrooms and high-quality, open-plan kitchens. Behind the listed façade - completely invisible and without any structural intervention - the award-winning smart home system from digitalSTROM is installed. 

Thus, all the expectations of the residents of the total of 18 units in terms of comfort and energy are fully met. But even an extension of the installation is possible at any time without any structural intervention.


Hüttikon am Brunnen
Hüttikon, Switzerland

A small oasis in a green, rural environment was created in Hüttikon. The 64 single, double and terraced family houses are characterized by individual floor plans and the greatest possible independence.

And yet, all the houses have two things in common: they all have their own large garden and a smart home basic infrastructure from digitalSTROM. These include the control of light, shading and awnings. In addition, various motion detectors are used to make life even more comfortable and safer.

Of course, every resident can extend his digitalSTROM installation at any time and thus easily adapt his home to the individual needs of the home.

New Building

Dietikon, Switzerland

With the “Weidenhof”, a new residential highlight has been created directly in the “Limmatfeld”. With its special blend of first-class accessibility, interior design and relaxation, the “Limmatfeld” offers the perfect blend of urbanity and nature for people of all ages. 

Of course, the almost 90 apartments also offer something very special. Namely the perfect smart home experience with digitalSTROM. All apartments are equipped with a smart home basic infrastructure, means that "light" and "shading" are intelligently networked and controllable. In addition, this basic infrastructure also includes an optical broadband network for each apartment. This provides the ideal precondition for a digitalSTROM Smart Home.


Church Bergenhusen
Bergenhusen, Germany

"Light is an important religious symbol. The lighting design makes the religion during the church service experienceable," said the pastor of the over 300 years old baroque church in the idyllic Bergenhusen in Schleswig-Holstein.

The use of digitalSTROM has taken a completely new approach: a church whose light can be intelligently controlled via tablet or smartphone.

Despite all the modernization, the new system had to be easy to operate, so that not only the technology-loving pastor himself, but also, for example, the sexton, the organist, the cleaning staff or guest pastors could easily work with it. No wonder then that the choice fell on digitalSTROM.

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Hotel Schnitzmühle
Viechtach, Germany

The Adventure Hotel "Schnitzmühle" is located in the middle of the Bavarian Forest. In the extensive green surroundings, the hotel complex invites nature-loving visitors to linger and relax with an extensive activity program.

For the guests an exceptional comfort awaits. In addition to an excellent restaurant and a large spa area, the hotel also offers a special kind of experience: Some public areas of the hotel as well as selected suites and rooms are equipped with the Smart Home system from digitalSTROM. The guest has the opportunity to make a hotel room a bit far to "his" room, because the light and color mood in the rooms can be individually adapted to their own needs - quite simply by push-button or tablet.

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Gutshaus Wellenberg
Hombrechtikon, Switzerland

The hamlet of Wellenberg above Hombrechtikon has a rich history behind it. For more than 220 years in the family property, the estate passed in 2006 to the canton of Zurich. The residential house Wellenberg 5 and two associated field barns turned out to be an inhabited museum, which were classified by the preservation of monuments as unique witnesses.

In 2013, the property was renovated in close cooperation with historic preservation. Not only historic building elements such as natural stone walls, windows, floors, murals or stoves were faithfully preserved. The manor house was also equipped with the intelligent Smart Home technology from digitalSTROM. This makes the nostalgic life in this particular property more energy efficient, more comfortable and safer.

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The Peak Lab Office
Oldenburg, Germany

"It is important to us not only to develop software solutions for customers, but also to use them ourselves." With these words, the CEO of "the peak lab", a software specialist in Oldenburg, justifies his decision for digitalSTROM. Thanks to the excellent smart home technology, the smart office creates a special working atmosphere for the employees.

The specially developed SmartOffice app can be used to control all office software applications. Employees can use the tablet to control light, kitchen appliances or blinds, for example. Based on networking, entire scenarios can be programmed. A tap on the app button "Moin" starts the system and the devices and the office is ready for use. "Bye" sets the call for after work, the office goes to sleep to save energy.

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New Building

Dübendorf, Switzerland

The DFAB HOUSE is the world's first inhabited "house", which was not only planned digitally, but was also largely digitally built using robots and 3D printers. Of course, everything in the building is digitally and intelligently networked with each other. 

Under the direction of digitalSTROM and based on the manufacturer-independent smart home platform, a consortium of companies has also created something new and innovative in the field of digital living. From light to shading, sound as well as access and alarm, everything is smart and interconnected. The goal is to test novel prototypes and applications in a real residential environment. For example, the first residents can conveniently control the oven via voice. 

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Wolfsburg, Germany

The resident of this stunning property is 47 years old, has a senior job in a large bank and is married. He is a happy and open guy who likes to surround himself with people. And he's been blind for over 10 years. 

After extensive research and consultation with his electrician, he finally decided fell on digitalSTROM: "A system that is compatible with most of our home appliances and that is easy to control by voice," says the owner. Because the voice control makes his everyday life a lot easier. No matter if the coffee machine prepares his favorite coffee, the designer lights are switched on or the blinds are controlled: Everything works very comfortable with a simple voice command.


Single Familiy Home
Dübendorf, Switzerland

The non-descript 8-bedroom one-family house has one of the best digital infrastructures and technologies that exists. The intelligence that is in this building comes from digitalSTROM. The residents can not only network and comfortably control the numerous different lamps in the house - also the awning control is automated and depends on the weather. 

Another important requirement: The house has an optical broadband network. This creates the perfect basis for making the existing household appliances intelligent and networking with one another. Everything is digitalized in-house and can interact perfectly.

New Building

Hard Turm Park
Zurich, Switzerland

Dreamlike, when the sun sinks red-golden over the Limmattal and the two floors of "Timeless Promise" bath in a festive light. Not without reason, the makers have called the attic apartment on the 22nd and 23rd floors of the Hard Tower Park a timeless promise. 

The 120 square meter apartment was skilfully staged and furnished by the young artist collective Dyer-Smith Frey. That the interior design and the stylish architectural elements can unfold in the well-thought-out penthouse, while at the same time being able to use state-of-the-art technology, the developers have opted for the digitalSTROM smart home system.

Not only does everything in the nearly 100 flats showcase perfectly, but all lighting and shading elements are also intelligently networked with each other.

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New Building

Hamilton View
Glattpark-Opfikon, Switzerland

The property "Hamilton View" is idyllically situated on the western shore of Glattpark Lake in the north of Zurich. The building complex consists of two similar buildings, each with several openings. Each of these buildings consists of three areas: Lake Side, Park Side and Boulevard Side.

The total of 200 apartments with their different sizes from 2.5 to 5.5 rooms or from 60 to 180 square meters offer just the right thing for every taste. The apartments are not only convincing due to their varied floor plans, but also due to their technical equipment. The built-in smart home basic infrastructure offers residents access to the diverse and fascinating smart home world of digitalSTROM. By default, all apartments are equipped with a light and shading control. Residents can, however, expand their basic infrastructure at any time and individually.

New Building

Limmat Tower
Dietikon, Switzerland

The Limmat Tower is the connecting element between the core of Dietikon and the new urban district Limmatfeld. In this capacity, he is also a landmark and part of the context. In the long-distance effect, the skyscraper appears as a solitary. In the proximity, it is integrated into the urban structure.

The Limmat Tower is designed according to the criteria of "LowEx". At the same time, the high-quality portion of the energy (exergy) is minimized. Various measures have been implemented for this purpose. One of the most important elements of ecology and comfort is the digitalSTROM Smart Home system built into the 150 residential units.

In addition to the intelligent control of lighting, heating and ventilation, the shading system is also equipped with automatic weather protection. This not only provides more comfort, but also helps to optimize energy consumption.

New Building

Troisdorf-Spich, Germany 

SpichON is a modern multi-family house, which was built as a KfW -55-efficiency house in the eponymous Troisdorf district Spich. The 35 apartments have two to five rooms and living space of 54 to 145 square meter.

In this project, special attention was paid to the topic of future-oriented living. For example, all apartments are equipped with a digitalSTROM basic infrastructure that allows blinds to be controlled intelligently. Thanks to this basic infrastructure, residents can turn their apartment into a real smart home at any time and enjoy the countless advantages of digitalSTROM.

New Building

Student Residence
Dossenheim, Germany 

A group of buildings was erected in Dossenheim near Heidelberg, which was developed especially for the requirements of students and senior citizen. The idea behind this project: The encounters between old and young should enrich both generations.

The 45 student apartments are tailored exactly to the needs of the young target group. It goes without saying that each apartment has been turned into an intelligent smart home. With the installed digitalSTROM technology, not only the lights, but also the blinds as well as the heating and ventilation can be intelligently and comfortably controlled.


Autohaus Europe
Bernau near Berlin, Germany   

In Bernau near Berlin is the first car dealership equipped with digitalSTROM's award-winning technology. The managing director of "Autohaus Europa" opted for the smart home system because he wanted to have the total of over 300 lights installed in the dealership's showroom controlled intelligently and, above all, depending on the weather and the time of day.

This not only saves a lot of time, but also valuable energy, because the luminaires automatically adapt to the daylight and the weather. In addition, this guarantees that the sales area and thus every car is always perfectly set in scene and thus in the right light.


Holiday Home  
Nieblum on Foehr, Germany   

Anyone who thinks that the smart home networking of digitalSTROM is only for personal use or a new building is mistaken. In the small, tranquil Frisian Nieblum on the island of Föhr, a traditional thatched summer cottage has been retrofitted with digitalSTROM - making it the most intelligent holiday home on the North Sea island.

The guests benefit not only from the advantages of the good North Sea air, but also from the convenience of a smart and networked home. From the control of light and shading to music and heating, holidaymakers can experience and try out the numerous benefits of digitalSTROM during their holidays.

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Listed residential building  
Bern, Switzerland

The house on the corner Kreuzgasse/Junkerngasse in Bern holds fascinating treasures. In the basement, a passageway between two guild houses was discovered, which dates back to 1450.

In the meantime, the former commercial building has been converted into a combined residential and commercial building. The apartments in the landmarked building were not only extensively renovated and equipped with high-quality kitchens, bathrooms and lamps. Every single apartment has become an intelligent smart home as well.

By retrofitting with digitalSTROM, the residents can now perfectly stage each individual room and select the right lighting mood for every situation.

New Building

Senior Residence
Dossenheim, Germany

The building in the immediate vicinity of the student residence owns a total of 20 senior citizens' apartments with high-quality interiors. Special attention was paid to the requirements of the older generation. And so all apartments not only provide underfloor heating and electric shutters but are also barrier-free, e.g. through floor-level showers and wheelchair-accessible door widths.

The residents benefit from the digitalSTROM system which is installed by default. This makes it possible to intelligently control the lighting and shading as well as the heating and ventilation. Furthermore, all networked devices can be flexibly and conveniently operated via push-button, voice or smartphone


Villa on the lake
Bern, Switzerland

For almost three years now, former Swiss ice-hockey player Jonas Hiller has returned to Switzerland. The goalkeeper of the EHC Biel has already set itself up well here and realized in his new house with digitalSTROM the long-cherished dream of the perfect smart home. 

During his time in North America, the native Appenzeller experimented with various smart home systems. However, most of them communicated exclusively via WLAN and often left something to be desired in their reliability. Back in Switzerland, he researched and looked at various systems. In the end, he was convinced by the great flexibility and the user-friendliness of digitalSTROM.

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New Building

Project "Auf den Sonnenterrassen"
Döbeln, Germany

Six houses, each with four modern two-, three- and four-room apartments, are currently under construction by “Wohnungsgenossenschaft Fortschritt“ in the residential area “Sonnenterrassen” in Döbeln-Nord.

On the topic "Living on the sun terraces" an architectural competition was organized by the cooperative. Ultimately, the decision was made to use the modern, two-storey, flat-roofed houses, which, with a total height of six meters, would fit well into the new home area.

Each of the 24 rental apartments is equipped with digitalSTROM as standard. This allows the residents to intelligently network and control the light, the shutters / blinds and the heating installation.

New Building

Narva Eiland West
Amsterdam, Netherlands

In the beautiful Amsterdam district of Houthaven, at the western end of the island of Narva Island, the attractive, unique and climate-neutral apartment complex "Narva Eiland West" was built. This special place offers different types of residences - in very different sizes and designs. However, all apartments and penthouses of this facility have one thing in common: They are equipped with the smart Home technology from digitalSTROM.

Each of the 66 living units in total offers the perfect digitalSTROM experience, which includes among other things the control of the light, shading, the „go-leave-function“ and a "sleep button". This not only provides more comfort, but also helps to optimize energy consumption.

In addition to this smart infrastructure, each apartment also includes a custom IP integration. This not only puts everything perfectly in the limelight, but also intelligently connects all electrical appliances.

Satisfied customers and partners of digitalSTROM

Around the globe, countless impressed customers are already living in digitalSTROM Smart Homes.

Jonas Hiller
Jonas Hiller

Swiss ice-hockey goalkeeper

‘I haven’t found any other system that offers such good value for money.’

Sven Oswald
Sven Oswald

TV and radio host

‘The modular structure of digitalSTROM allows for gradual expansion – depending on your wants and your budget.’

Thomas Roesberg
Thomas Roesberg

Managing Director, Albertsen-Elektro

‘digitalSTROM’s performance and ease of installation impressed us.’

Angelika Heier-Zimmer
Angelika Heier-Zimmer


‘I wanted an easy-to-use Smart Home system that could be installed without any structural changes to the building.’

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