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Introducing digitalSTROM

digitalSTROM is more than a product: We regard ourselves as a company that is actively shaping digital transformation in homes. And we are doing this so that it brings its users clear added values – and is reliably easy to utilise. To this end we network interdisciplinary competences, ideas, know-how and visions that successfully move us forward together with our partners.


Electric lighting was not invented through the evolution of candles. Therefore, we have been taking a new look at and re-inventing the fields of digital networking and communication – and are the holders of powerline communication and electricity metering patents. And we are constantly working on the next ones.



We want digitalSTROM to be used holistically. And so we design everything with the user in mind, from brand through interaction design to the user experience: easy, clear, convenient and safe. So that people can shape life in their home the way they want it.


Highly complex technology, which unfolds its almost magical effect with the simplest operation: Our developments always think from the user’s viewpoint – meaning that everything is united with a clear, straightforward user focus, from the terminal software level through to the Cloud.

We develop digital infrastructure

digitalSTROM is flexible and freely scalable – from the detached family home through to major construction projects, but also for doctors’ surgeries and shops. In use, we cover everything from control to metering – for all home technology from lighting through to electricity and water metering.

We have achieved much – and see plenty in the future ahead of us

We are always forward-looking and work actively on the future of living. Along the way, our achievements, milestones and successes provide us with a sure foundation – and the certainty of being on exactly the right path.

After a development period of seven years, successful market entry in Switzerland and Germany.

Expansion of the system by voice control, sensor technology and hail alert app plus integration of products such as SONOS and Philips Hue.

Launch of the proprietary Cloud solution “my.digitalSTROM” plus further product components and applications, for example heating control.

Internationalisation with market entry in other European countries plus expansion to Asia and realisation of various major international projects.

First applications based on machine learning plus development and implementation of the dS device bots.

Integration of all kitchen appliances from V-ZUG as well as the humanoid robot “Pepper” with applications such as “Barista” or “Personal Butler” into the digitalSTROM platform. Integration of the multi-service platform and hence fast access to services.

Fully automated and largely situation detection-based orchestration. Chat and voice as amplified element for control, retrieval, query and configuration. Next generation digitalSTROM Powerline Chip comes into use.

What are we made of?

We think and act multi-dimensionally. Because we are convinced that the complex requirements of future organisation demand an integrated perspective. And we put what applies for our systems and products into practice in our central working areas too: We create connections that systematically move all participants forward.


We have developed technologies and are continuously developing them further. We utilise different technologies and bring them together. We have a great understanding of technology – which enables us to deliver the optimum product to customers. Along the way, our know-how extends from chip development for our own terminals through to artificial intelligence and cognitive services. This breadth is what digitalSTROM is made of. And nevertheless, for all our technology we always think from the customer’s viewpoint: How are they living at home – and how do they want to live in the future?


New things are created when talents are to hand. With them, we can kick off innovations. That is not all, though: Talents also reduce complexity. For only this way are we capable of guaranteeing simplicity for customers and electricians, while nevertheless delivering high-performance systems. The breadth of our talents ranges from pure technology through to the design of the user experience. We have talents ourselves, but also network with the talents in the individual areas of expertise, in order to deliver the best product for our customers.


We are a brand that symbolises our product: simple, carefully thought-out, reliable, intelligent. We fit in with the world’s high-end apartments and houses just as much as more basic abodes. We offer added values, from the most straightforward appliance through to the most complex. But we remain ambitious, farsighted and appealing everywhere.

Our network

digitalSTROM is powerful because hardware, software and services are skilfully combined to provide customers with added value. High-performance products, services and development partners form an essential basis along the way, and we are pleased to present them::

Our management

You will find current information on changes in the management of digitalSTROM AG here.


Adrian Obrist
Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Obrist graduated as an informatics engineer from the ETH Lausanne and has a Master’s degree in Management, Technology & Economics from the ETH Zurich.

Following his studies, the 37-year-old held various management positions within the energy and automation group ABB. Prior to his move to digitalSTROM AG, Obrist was responsible for the industrial maintenance operations of the world-leading company Quant for three years, as Managing Director.

In March 2017 Adrian Obrist joined the company digitalSTROM AG as Chief Operating Officer (COO). He has been heading the operations of the multi-award-winning German-Swiss smart home company as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since May 2018.


Balz Halter
Administrative Board

Balz Halter is the principal shareholder and Administrative Board Chairman of Halter AG, a corporate group in the construction and real estate industry that is a leader in Switzerland. Under his leadership the family-run company, soon to be 100 years old, evolved from a local construction firm in 1987 into a corporate group that is active throughout Switzerland today. Halter gave up operational management five years ago. Since then, the 55-year-old ETH engineer and jurist has engaged intensively in the technology field and participates in several companies that have been started up in partnership with the ETH Zurich. These firms develop energy-efficient solutions for building technology – among others, for energy production and storage – as well as digital platforms for the networking of appliances and use of Cloud-based services. They include, among others, digitalSTROM AG, BS2 and streamNow. He is co-founder of the BUILDING TECHNOLOGY PARK in Schlieren, as well as of the 2SOL-Allianz

On the way towards a global platform

Digitisation knows no bounds. That is why we are present with digitalSTROM across the world. From the location and market in Europe, we also have our eye on the growing megacities in Asia in particular, such as Istanbul, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This is because their need for intelligent networking is growing exponentially – and we offer the solution for it.

Garbenheimer Str. 38
35578 Wetzlar

Brandstrasse 33
8952 Schlieren-Zürich

The future of living

The innovative nature of our system and our products is underlain by numerous awards and distinctions, which confirm the popularity of digitalSTROM among our customers.

We offer a special customer experience in the home that is convenient and brings enjoyment.

We relieve our customers of burdensome, mundane chores and thereby save them effort and time. 

We create a healthier living environment for our customers

We make the home safer and reduce the number of serious domestic injuries and deaths as a result

We use automation to expand our customers’ capabilities and ensure that they have all the expertise they need in all relevant areas. 

We adapt to our customers’ individual life situation – even if this changes as a result of age or other circumstances. 

We ensure that operation and expansion of the home is so easy that anyone can do it. 

We create efficiency that is the basis for ensuring that everyone can live this standard without destroying our planet.

We fulfil these demands at an optimum price.

The digitalSTROM platform

The digitalSTROM platform differs from numerous other systems, because it offers considerably more possibilities and standardises even more. It thereby fulfils important conditions for the mass market:

1. It integrates services
2. It orchestrates all appliances
3. It equips appliances with high intelligence


Our strategy

digitalSTROM is more than a technology. This is because our system pursues the strategic goal of using unlimited connectivity to establish a completely new way of dealing with household appliances – and thereby enable a completely new way of living.


User experience

Interaction between home occupants and their home should be as natural as possible. We are shifting the paradigm: It is our task to understand the user – not the other way around. The familiar switch is available for operation, since we all know how to use it and what it does. Everything beyond that can be communicated to the home by means of simple talking or writing. The home also detects what we are about to do by our movements or other information, and automatically supports us in the process. This way, we can enjoy convenience, safety and energy efficiency at a new level, without having to adjust.


Intelligent appliances

digitalSTROM puts an end to the “stupidity” of conventional household appliances. For example, our dS device bots ensure that the appliances get access to the most intelligent available algorithms as well as cognitive services. That is because, this way, they get access to knowledge, are able to learn and adapt what they learn – and directly communicate with the user.


Seamless orchestration

digitalSTROM opens up many new possibilities for the user. But to make sure it all works so that they will value them too, appliances and applications must be orchestrated accordingly. Our decentralised approach ensures that every appliance optimises itself and automatically integrates itself into the system as a whole. This way, even our standard appliance behaviour guarantees a great user experience.


countless connectivity options

With digitalSTROM anything can be integrated. No matter what type of device – it will be part of the system. Analogue devices become digital and connected through our dS terminal. Devices that are already digital and connected will be integrated as well, independent of their technology or protocols – because a user decides for a device and not its protocol. Therefore everyone benefits from the digitalSTROM platform and its connectivity.

Our technology

In order to realise our vision via our strategy, we use a combination of various technologies. This combination is constituted by our digitalSTROM platform with its unique user experience, and this is the basis for the digital transformation in the home.

Integration of analogue and digital appliances

The digitalSTROM terminal forms the basis for networking all analogue appliances. Extreme miniaturisation means that it is possible to digitise analogue appliances such as lamps, shutters, roller-blinds and switches. Power electronics makes it possible to switch and dim lamps, for example, and meter their power consumption. The terminals possess a small computer with data storage, on which the lamp’s behavioural logic is mapped, for example.

Digital appliances that cannot yet be networked are equipped with a small circuit board. Through this they are directly integrated with the digitalSTROM system via the powerline. The appliance thus automatically becomes part of the platform simply by being plugged in. Integration is therefore really easy for appliance manufacturer and customer alike.

Open system approach and future-proof infrastructure

The open system approach offers the opportunity to incorporate systems and appliances from third-party manufacturers – even via different protocols and standards. In the process, the digitalSTROM platform relies on the two most stable and future-proof infrastructures in the home: The powerline and the IP network.


The powerline is the central infrastructure in the home and supplies all essential appliances with energy. Using the powerline for communication means that every connected appliance can be reached and networked. An extremely flexible energy and data infrastructure is therefore available both in new developments and existing buildings.

IP network

In the long term, the IP network is set to play an ever-more important role for communication in the home. Besides the existing WLAN, though, in future it will also be available as a wireline LAN network in every nook of the home. As a result, not only will the onboarding of appliances be made easier, but a high data rate will be reliably enabled in addition.

Sufficient bandwidth for every appliance

In order to simplify extension, digitalSTROM offers a plastic optical fibre-based technology (POF) that supplies 1 Gbit to every nook of the home with no great complexity. With this, optimum networking of appliances that need a high bandwidth is guaranteed.

The digitalSTROM-Platform

A unique user experience, intelligent devices, a seamless orchestration, countless connectivity options and future proof infrastructure are the key characteristics of a digitalSTROM smart home. As part of the digitalSTROM platform, homes, rooms and devices can adapt to the residents wishes. That’s what makes a smart desirable for everyone – regardless of age, technological affinity or investment size.

Communication on the powerline

In the communication between the digitalSTROM terminal and the digitalSTROM meter, a frequency modulation method is applied that varies the power. The time-windows are distributed randomly; the dSM detects collisions and can intervene and control accordingly. The terminals have both functions mapped in a custom-made chip. The dSM is equipped with appropriately powerful micro-controllers.


digitalSTROM meter (dSM)

The patented transfer logic is based on a master/slave principle. The dSM built in behind the fuse in the fuse-box generates a small voltage fluctuation in the direction of the appliances, close to the zero transition, and these fluctuations are interpreted by the terminals. These conveyed messages function as a broadcast, that means that all terminals in a power circuit receive the signals and decide which ones are intended for them. Due to the construction of the power circuit-related interplay, a room allocation is automatically enabled that allows genuine Plug & Play.

digitalSTROM server (dSS)

The dSS is a Linux-based server on which the digitalSTROM operating system (dS-OS) is installed. It takes care of the hosting environment, that is, connection to the dS-OS as a Cloud service. In addition, it supplies numerous APIs for appliances and operating elements. As a hosting environment, the virtual device containers (vDC) are additionally supported there.

digitalSTROM terminal

The digitalSTROM terminal implements the corresponding protocol on dS-Powerline. In this case, the connection to the appliance is produced via the powerline and converted to the corresponding protocol close to the appliance. The appliance behaviour is deposited on the terminal, which means that appliances can be fully integrated straight away.

Virtual device containers (vDC)

Digital controllable household appliances and other appliances with an IP interface are networked by digitalSTROM via WLAN or LAN. Integration into the network is performed via so-called virtual device containers (vDC). The vDCs deposited on the dSS replicate the entire functionality of the terminals, including the network adapter and the standard appliance behaviour, in the software and translate the digitalSTROM signals for the micro-controller in the end device.

The digital infrastructure and service platform

Networking infrastructure

digitalSTROM is an infrastructure that networks any number of appliances in a household. Electrical appliances are integrated via the powerlines, and the ever more numerous IP-capable appliances via GBit‑Fiber‑in‑the‑Home. The permanently built-in infrastructure components are low-maintenance and very durable, robust and outage-proof. Their lifetime is planned according to building technology renovation cycles. The digitalSTROM system is updatable, upwardly compatible and capable of integrating future developments.

Operating system

digitalSTROM is an operating system that allows household appliances, building technology, entertainment electronics, alarm and assistance systems to act correctly automatically. Everything can be operated via existing switches and panels, via smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions or via innovative speech interaction devices such as Amazon Echo. Occupants can perform configurations themselves – simple and intuitive apps are always available.

Service platform

digitalSTROM functions locally and without an Internet connection. If users wish to utilise services that are provided in the digitalSTROM Cloud, they access them via the Internet. These may be services by digitalSTROM or third-party providers.

Excellent Smart Home platform

Numerous awards underscore the innovative nature of our system and
our products and attest to digitalSTROM’s popularity.

Once again the most popular app in the Smart Home category of the Focus Money practical test

2017 & 2018

Readers' choice for the trade magazine elektrobörse smarthouse in the category ‘Building Automation’

2016 & 2017

‘Best of 2017’ in the ‘Consumer Electronic’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT 2017


Juniper Research's ‘Future Digital Award’ for Best Consumer Product in the Smart Home Category


Total Telecom's ‘Internet of Things Award’ in the ‘Smart Home Initiative’ category


‘Quality Award’ from for the dS components


Gartner Inc. adds digitalSTROM to its Cool Vendors List


‘Best of 2015’ in the ‘Hardware’ category at the Innovation Award IT at CeBIT


Fascination digitalSTROM:
Our vision of smart and digital tasks

Our innovative strength and successes are supported and advanced by a constantly growing team of talents. Together, we work on accomplishing the digital transformation in the home and making life more convenient, safe, energy-efficient and simple for people within their own four walls. And because we are active in a booming market, we are always on the lookout for new talents.

For people with personality and a strong sense of individual responsibility. Who enjoy designing and taking on responsibility. Who are willing to develop further, both personally and together with us. And those who additionally wish to join us in advancing the (r)evolution of living are in exactly the right place with digitalSTROM.


A network of talents

From highly-specialised chip, hardware or software developers through marketing and communication experts to supply chain manager or professional sales manager. For us, the one thing it is all about is finding the right talents and attracting them to our company. In order to work jointly on realising our vision – and not only at our two company locations in Schlieren and Wetzlar. But everywhere. And digitally, too.



Talents are not confined to one country. At digitalSTROM, 13 nationalities work with two contractual locations: Schlieren in Switzerland and Wetzlar in Germany.



Organisation follows talent: In addition to the organigram, there is a talentogram. Tasks evolve with the talents.



We work with a great sense of individual responsibility and conduct intense dialogue. We use social technologies to meet daily – even though we are geographically separated.

Any questions? Our experts will be happy to help!

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