Always more
than the sum of the parts.

Intelligently combined piece by piece:
the digitalSTROM switch technology.

You already have the most important thing that you need to use the varied digitalSTROM applications: your electricity supply.

That makes the upgrade with the digitalSTROM components fast, clean, intelligent and inexpensive – since your existing infrastructure is simply being supplemented.
The digitalSTROM components used are largely invisible after installation. Their extreme miniaturisation makes them usable practically everywhere – and you can uninstall all the components again and use them in a new home.

Exceptionally practical.

This is how a possible digitalSTROM
installation looks in detail:

digitalSTROM filter Prevents disturbance from network fluctuations.
Circuit-breaker 16A
digitalSTROM server Connects the digitalSTROM world with the internet. In addition, a steadily growing number of digitalSTROM apps can be loaded onto it, making automation functions possible.
digitalSTROM meter Measures the electricity usage of the room and coordinates the communication to the individual digitalSTROM terminals on the power cables.
Smartphone apps You can also control light ambiance and blinds independently of switches, using a smartphone, and display the amount of electricity used – both inside and outside the house.
Yellow button switch Mounted underneath the existing light switch. This makes it possible to issue commands to switch lamps on and off, change the lighting ambiance or dim a light.
Cable dimmer Mounted on the cable of a lamp, allowing the lighting ambiance in the room to be remotely adjusted.
Cable dimmer Mounted on the cable of a lamp, allowing the lighting ambiance in the room to be remotely adjusted.
Yellow button switch Mounted underneath the existing light switch. This makes it possible to issue commands to switch lamps on and off, change the lighting ambiance or dim a light.
dS luster terminal switch Connects lamp and circuit – enables the lamp to react to corresponding commands such as switching on/off and dimming.
dS Joker terminal switch With this, you can even control lights and blinds with a single double button.
Grey blinds terminal switch Linked to the blinds motor and connected to the power supply. This enables the blinds to be controlled by digitalSTROM as well.

Excellent performance – inexpensively calculated.

Here are a few of the main digitalSTROM products and their functions in overview – so you know what technology is giving you the major increase in daily living comfort.

  • The “backbone” of the digitalSTROM installation
  • Built into your fuse box next to the fuses
  • Turns electricity into digitalSTROM
  • Manages the device networking and communication via the power supply
  • Makes Plug & Play possible
  • The digitalSTROM METER makes an individual 230 V electricity circuit digitalSTROM-compatible
  • Messages from digitalSTROM switches and sensors are received and commands are sent to digitalSTROM devices
  • The entire current for the attached electricity circuit passes through the digitalSTROM meter and is precisely measured (“metered”) as it passes
  • The meter is installed on the current protection switch rail and can carry a maximum of 16A
  • A real computer – in switch format
  • Can be built in almost anywhere (switches, lamps, etc.)
  • Offers more than 60 functions
  • Each colour stands for one function group
  • Can be set with or without a PC
  • The digitalSTROM terminal switch is deliberately designed to resemble an existing trade-standard switch and can also replace these in the same locations
  • For example, fitting available lamps with it is really as simple as it looks: Turn it on – and digitalSTROM is there
  • The clear colours of the digitalSTROM switches create an orderly arrangement and make it easy to keep an overview
  • Each colour group stands for one extendable application area
  • The colour allocation is consistent from the casing of the digitalSTROM components to the buttons and the smartphone apps, making their usage very intuitive
  • Extension components including efficient software
  • Secure interfaces from digitalSTROM to the internet
  • Built into the fuse box
  • Makes the digitalSTROM applications configurable via computer and web browser
  • Makes remote access by computer or smartphone and many other functions possible
  • The digitalSTROM server not only provides a comfortable web application for the control and installation of building-wide digitalSTROM components
  • The digitalSTROM server is simultaneously a platform for the digitalSTROM apps: A variety of innovative applications are available for the management of a house or office
  • The digitalSTROM server is an extension component which supplies a digitalSTROM infrastructure with numerous additional functions
  • A digitalSTROM installation can basically also be run without a server
  • However, the digitalSTROM server gives the system access to the home network and the internet - and allows even easier and more extensive implementation and monitoring
  • digitalSTROM apps are programmes that you can simply download free of charge and which extend the functional range of your digitalSTROM system
  • The programmes install themselves automatically after downloading to your digitalSTROM server and are then available for you to use
  • Create time switches that take account of not just the time but e.g. also dawn and dusk
  • To simulate your presence, you can create a “theatrical performance” in your house – aimed at a public who you do not want to know that you are away on holiday
  • You can define complex scenarios – e.g. “Switch off all lights on the lower level” – and associate them with an individual key-press
  • There is also an app to link your digitalSTROM world to the internet – allowing you, for example, to use your light switch to send a tweet
  • The range of digitalSTROM apps is continually being extended – also by third parties In this way, the functional range of your digitalSTROM continuously grows
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